What we do

Signify offers expert legal advice in the field of Intellectual Property rights. We inter alia advise on the registration and enforcement of these rights. Trademarks, trade names and designs are all types of Intellectual Property expressing the goodwill of your company. You do not want to put them to risk. On the contrary, you want to reap the benefits they bring.

Signify assists you in setting-up and optimising your Intellectual Property rights portfolio. As a result of our extensive national and international networks of IP specialists, Signify can assist you everywhere and at all times. In the event of a conflict or a violation of your rights, Signify stands for its clients. We provide clear and pertinent advice.

Signify offers the following services, and more:
• Research into the availability of IP rights
• Registration of, inter alia, trademarks, designs and domain names
• Advice on the exploitation, enforcement and monitoring of IP rights
• Management of larger IPR portfolios
• IP Due Diligence
• Handling of legal conflicts
• Drawing up of agreements (co-existence agreements, transfers, licences)

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