About Signify

Signify consists of three partners and a specialized support team.

The firm was established in 2013 by Merel Kamp and Peter van der Wees. Michiel Haegens joined as a partner in 2016. The partners each have more than 15 years of experience in IP private practice.

Signify means expertise
Signify is strongly convinced that the most creative and innovative solutions start with a profound knowledge of one’s own area of expertise. That is the reason why Signify dares to state that it is leading in its field.
We love to share our knowledge, for example by way of in-house courses, but we like to learn from the client’s knowledge of the market as well. This enables us to jointly come to the best results.

Signify means transparency
Signify is clear and open in its business model. Filing trademarks or designs asks for professional knowledge, but not for a large overhead. Signify strives to keep its rates for the application and renewal of IP rights and recordation of amendments as low as possible. The fees for legal advice are competitive, but in line with our promise that Signify delivers top quality.

Signify means commitment
Signify wants to stand out of the everyday supplier of IP rights. Signify wants to team up with its clients and believes that communication, commitment and understanding result in the best forms of collaboration.
The first step taken by Signify in each new collaboration is a profound analysis of the existing portfolio in order to see where trimming (and possibly grafting) can be carried out. On the basis of this analysis, Signify will draft a cooperation proposal that is to result in an IP portfolio of the highest quality. It is important, after all, that all trademarks and designs filed will result in useful and enforceable Intellectual Property rights.

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